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Almost daily porch front update on the parade of random people, notable characters,and other miscellany that happen by our office in the heart of a small town.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Since the rain has finally stopped, we're back to eating lunches on the front porch at the office. Everyday that we've sat outside for the past 3 years, at least one interesting thing has passed by. We've decided to document these interesting passersby here on Broadway, for your entertainment as well as our own.
So to begin, let me list the regulars that go by everyday and we'll chart them from here on out.

The first one that comes to mind is the guy I call the National Geographic guy. He walks by in this unique sort of limp/bounce caveman-esque drag, swinging his green zippered National Geographic lunch box. Obviously he got it for subscribing to the magazine, so we know he must be a reader. And a sucker. Hey, get a free green lunch box for subscribing to our magazine! Or maybe he got it at the Goodwill. Who knows, but I like to think he races home to read about African women and can't wait for the newest issue. Today I said hi to him as he walked by and he said hi back! So, he's nice.

There's also a young man who zips by on either side of the street in his electric wheelchair. He's always on his cell phone. Normally I might feel bad for such a young person confined to a wheelchair, but somehow this guy seems undisturbed by it. He has some energy that radiates contentment, even joy. Like maybe he's just faking it and using the chair instead of a motorcycle or something. Anyway, I like watching him zoom past. I want to go with him.

What ever happened to that jogging couple? They were on the large side, and they panted religiously by as we quietly cheered them on. There they go! Keep it up! We're so proud of you! It's been a while though. I wonder if they're back to the couch.

I'll give a brief overview of the other regulars that go by.

Gaggles of high school and junior high school students passing by after school. It's Spring Break right now so it's quiet.
People who determinedly walk by one way and then happily stroll back again with their treasured cuppa joe from the drive thru/walk thru coffee spot.
Numerous people walking by with dogs, little kids and strollers (mostly dads more than moms suprisingly) and business owners going next door for their payroll checks who walk back by with their big orange envelopes.
Oh, and my friend Paul on his way to the post office down the street.

So that's the people side of it. There's also the automotive or vehicular (we just love to say vehicle) side. Since Broadway is also a highway and the main vein going through this rather small town, we see it all. Limo's, buses, delivery vans, motorcycles, ambulances and fire trucks, big rigs (full of grapes during the harvest), hot rods, and the usual boxy cars and gurgling pickups. Generally not so exciting but occasionally something notable happens along that gets our attention for about 4 seconds. My favorite was an old and kinda rusty pale blue pickup truck with a faded red star that reminded me of the Texaco logo but wasn't, painted on the door. In the 3.5 seconds I had to admire it, I didn't get a chance to check out the driver or passenger, but I know there were at least two grey hairs inside. My least favorite regular is the casket truck. Batesville or something grossly and falsely happy sounding. Seeing it always ruins my day.

So, we'll keep blogging our adventures and hopefully you'll get as much vicarious enjoyment of our free entertainment as we do.


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