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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Fashion Show

Almost all of the high school kids have finished walking by for the day, and I realized how much I miss them. They're always good for cheap entertainment, and today is the best day of all for it. It's the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. This is my annual, What's Hot to Wear, free fashion show day. All those clean, new shoes. Fresh stiff backpacks. Bright and shiny faces. Ok, that's pushing it a bit, but there is a certain bounce in their steps that will soon turn to pouty slouches when the wear and tear of high school sets in. I love to see what these kids decide to wear on the first day of school. For me it was always my best, most favorite new outfit. So what do kids these days see as their best? I saw white, white leather tennis shoes, denim skirts with raggedy hems, desert camo capri's (totally cute), and the usual gansta looking baggy pants. New clothes that don't look new. The second hand look. The I can't afford nice clothes look. Honestly, who'd know if they went school clothes shopping or not except for those shoes?
We'll see what's fit for the second day of school. Stay tuned.


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