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Friday, August 25, 2006

His message revealed

I know every day its someone's birthday out there, but it would seem that today it just so happened to be the birthday of one of the kids that went by today. She was walking with a friend and was holding a festive bouquet of pink and baby blue balloons with a star shaped mylar balloon thrown in for a touch of pizzaz. And just in case anyone still didn't get the picture, I heard her tell everyone walking by her "Hi! Today is my birthday!" Bravo! You only get one day a year, birthday girl - milk it for all it's worth!

Even though Dreds Guy has not been spotted in our neck of the woods lately, D caught a glimpse of him while on her way to work. Best of all, she was able to (mostly) read his sign! It is reported to read:
The numbers don't lie
1 of 1
(The last line might actually read "1 on 1")

I almost missed her, but was able to spot my favorite Gallery Manager this morning. She was scooting by at a pretty quick pace - maybe in an effort to keep warm. It was a bit nippy this morn. Overcast chilly mornings that lead into downright hot afternoons can cause quite a predicament to us walkers. If you wear clothing so your comfortable in the early hours, you are going to be uncomfortable on your return trip. Fashionably dressed Gallary Manager chose the other approach today and opted for a lightweight outfit. Keep a brisk pace to generate warmth on the walk into work and reap the cool refreshing benefits on the walk home.


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