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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Slow day...

Busy day at work today so we didn't really get to see too many passers-by.. or is that passer-bys.

There was one woman that stood out today though. She was a rather.. shall we say.. masculine woman, with salt & pepper hair cut into ... wait for it... a mohawk! Gotta love it! She ambled up the street listening to music through an iPod.

I was walking to work today when I realized I myself am prime fodder for someone else's "Here's who walked by today" blog. Their entry for today might go something like this:

"She walked by again today. We assume she is on her way to work as she passes by every weekday morning at the same time, and her return trip time is always about 7 hours later. She is in her mid to late 30's, has gorgeous thick brown hair and usually carries a fuzzy orange felted bag/purse that can best be described as "homemade". She often carries a brown paper lunch bag so we are left wondering what exactly is in that fuzzy orange bag. Perhaps she is a genius working on a cure for cancer and the bag holds her notes. Maybe it holds the ashes of her true love with whom she swore never to be parted. Or maybe she is just extra hungry those days."


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