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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Young love....

Ah, sweet romance! The cutest couple walked by today - he, tall and pale with a wavy mop of un-tamable hair. She, darker and curvey. They, a pair of high school student oblivious to the outside world. The were so sweet - they managed to get in not one but two kiss in the time it takes to traverse our little stretch of sidewalk. Do you remember those days? Walking hand in hand and kissing like you just don't care who is watching?

It would seem chivalry is not dead! D and I were trying to do a photo shoot out front and we would have been fine if one of us had just been able to grow that third arm: hold the product, steady the background, keep the diffusion cloth taut (ok, so it was really a white, plastic garbage bag), snap the picture, keep your shadow out of the shot. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a real live all-grown-up boy scout rides by on his bicycle, sees our struggle and offers us a hand (a discussion of whether or not he would have stopped to help had we been a couple of men is the subject of a different blog). If you are reading this, thank you Kent - we appreciated the help!


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